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Covered Furniture
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Shagreen or Galuchat (Stingray Skin) is regarded as the most fascinating of all the exotic leathers and has been used for centuries to decorate the most prescious objects from the court of Louis XV through the Art Deco Period. Artisans and designers have sought this unusual material for its unique quality and elegance, and distinctive (pearl) texture of the hide. Shagreen is a very difficult material to prepare and work. It requires the dedication and attention of the most highly skilled craftsman. At MHG Stusio, Inc. we embrace the chalenges of working with this special material. Some of our most treasured past works have been created from Shagreen skins. MHG Studio designs builds and covers all types of furniture with leather and exotic skins. Every piece is hand made and built to our clients’ unique specifications. Private label MHG Studio designs are currently in production. Please call 212-674-7610 for more information.

Shagreen and Bone Table

Shagreen Desk

Shagreen Lamp

Shagreen Box


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