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Furniture Covering:

MHG Studio designs builds and covers all types of furniture with leather and exotic skins.  Every piece is hand made and built to our clients’ unique specifications.  Private label MHG Studio, Inc. designs are currently in production. 

Hand dying, color matching and distressing:

MHG Studio, Inc. provides the option of having your leather, parchment, and shagreen hand dyed. The hand dying process gives us the capability to custom color the hides for our clients and match color swatches provided to us. We also specialize in antiquing and distressing leather and can produce a variety of finishes to achieve the right "character" for your project Weather it is leather for upholstery desktop inlays or making new leather look old, MHG will customize your leather to suit your needs.

Architectural Installation and On Site Installation:

In addition to our full service leather shop we schedule appointments for on site installations as well. Working on site gives our clients as well as ourselves the freedom to add leather and skins as architectural elements. Leather walls, floors, ceilings, handrails, and stairs just to name a few of the items we can provide on site. We can also apply and tool desktops on site so you do not have to risk damage during shipping. Please contact us for pricing information.


Scheduled maintenance is extremely important. To extend the life and conserve the beauty of your custom crafted leather items, MHG Studio, Inc. can be booked for regular maintenance. If you have a parchment room, it should be waxed twice a year, a leather room, once a year. Wheather you have a room full of antique leather furnishings or a leather floor, you can count on MHG Studio to expertly maintain your unique exotic investment. Please contact us to set up an appointment or to receive an estimate for regularly scheduled maintenance.


Learn More About Our Services:


MHG Studio, Inc. can restore numerous objects covered with skin. The Studio’s unique approach allows for restoration while keeping the age of the piece looking authentic. Patina recreation is one of our specialties. We take extra time blending in our repairs so that the eye is not distracted. Although leather and parchment restoration are most common, MHG Studio takes on most any skin related challenge.


Gold Tooling and Desktop Inlays:

The application of 23 Karat gold leaf has been used to decorate the finest furniture and objects of royalty from as early as the 17 th Century. The Old World Tradition has been handed down from generation to generation. The same techniques are still practiced today at MHG Studio, Inc. Gold, Silver, and other metals can be tooled in endless designs and custom patterns are available upon request.


What materials can be applied?

  • leather
  • parchment
  • shagreen
  • exotic skins

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