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Covered Furniture and Decorative Objects

The application of Parchment is a cherished craft. Master Michele H. Glick has honed her skills over the years, and offers a unique approach that has not yet been attempted by any other artist. Parchment is a supreme choice for covering cabinets, walls, table tops, and anything else you dream up. We stock natural and antiqued sheep and goat skin to provide you with designs in a variety of finishes. MHG Studio designs builds and covers all types of furniture with leather and exotic skins. Every piece is hand made and built to our clients’ unique specifications. Private label MHG Studio designs are currently in production.

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Parchment Covered Box

Parchment Covered Chair

Antique Parchment Consoles

Parchment Tables


What materials can be applied?

  • leather
  • parchment
  • shagreen
  • exotic skins

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