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Aligator Leather Hand-stitched Boxes

Antiqued Gold Tooled Dawers


Desktop Inlay 1

Desktop Inlay 2

Desktop Inlay 3

Desktop Inlay 4

Desktop Inlay 5

Faux Books Doors

Faux Books Titles

Furniture Trim Chair

Gold Tooled Desk 1

Gold Tooled Desk 2

Gold Tooled Inlay 1

Gold Tooled Inlay 2

Gold Tooled Leather
Room 1

Gold Tooled Leather Room 2

Gold Tooled Leather Room 3

Gold Tooling Items

Half Moon Shagreen

Hand Dyed Leather Swatches

Hand Dyed Leather Treatment

Hand-dyed Crock Print Closeup

Hand-dyed Crock Print

Hand-dyed Leather Bench

Leather and Nailheads Treatment

Leather and Nailheads

Leather and Parchment Waste Baskets

Leather Bar

Leather Baseboard Nailhead

Leather Bed 1

Leather Bed 2

Leather Bed 3

Leather Ceiling w Nailhead 1

Leather Ceiling w Nailhead 2

Leather Chest

Leather Commode

Leather Custom Hardware

Leather Desk

Leather Floor 1

Leather Floor 2

Leather Floor 3

Leather Floor Brown

Leather Furniture Cabinet Nails

Leather Hand Rail 1

Leather Hand Rail 2

Leather Hand-dyed Desk

Leather Room 1

Leather Room 2

Leather Room 3

Leather Room 4

Leather Table


Mirror Blue

Mirror BW

Parchment And Wood Desk

Parchment Box

Parchment Cabinet Faces

Parchment Cabinet

Parchment Ceiling & Wall

Parchment Ceiling 1

Parchment Ceiling 2

Parchment Chair Back

Parchment Chair Front

Parchment Concierge 1

Parchment Concierge 2

Parchment Concierge 3

Parchment Concierge 4

Parchment Cosoles

Parchment Lobby 1

Parchment Lobby 2

Parchment Lobby 3

Parchment Lobby 4

Parchment Lobby 5

Parchment Lobby 6

Parchment Lobby 7

Parchment Screen

Parchment Tables

Parchment Tabletop

Parchment Wall Antique 1

Parchment Wall Antique2

Parchment Wall Middle-agedl

Python Bookcase 1

Python Bookcase 2

Python Bookcase 3

Restored Antique Screens

Restored Ruhlmann

Shagreen and Bone Table

Shagreen and Parchment 1

Shagreen and Parchment 2

Shagreen and Parchment 3

Shagreen and Parchment 4

Shagreen Box 1

Shagreen Box 2

Shagreen Cabinet

Shagreen Desk

Shagreen Items 1

Shagreen Items 2

Shagreen Lamp

Shagreen Night Tables

Shagreen Panel

Shagreen Patchwork Desk

Shagreen Shelves

Shagreen Table

Shelf and Furniture Trim

Sling Chairs

Stitched Leather Desk

Stitched Leather Sling Chair

Tray Antique

Tray Brown

Tray BW


What materials can be applied?

  • leather
  • parchment
  • shagreen
  • exotic skins

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